WhatsApp UPI payment feature now in India: Here’s how you can send money

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Apart from chatting with Whatsapp, there were more options to send photos, videos, documents and locations but now through this messenger app, you will be able to send money too. The UPI (Universal Payment Interface) feature has begun on the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS users in India. Through this feature, users can do transactions with WhatsApp. For iOS, it came with the version of WhatsappApp 2.18.21.

Whatsapp have enough amount of userbase which can bring revolution after payment feature launch.

How to use WhatsApp UPI payment feature

Please note that this feature is currently available only to a limited user of Whatsapp Beta. This feature is given in the section containing attachments of the chat window. Now the option of the UPI has been added to the list of galleries, videos, and documents. When you click on the options, a window opens, where the options of banks appear.

You can then join the UPA using your bank account. The new user has to make an authentication pin here. Also, if you have not used it yet, then you have to generate the UPA account by going straight to the UPA or the bank’s website or app.

According to a report of PhoneArena, it has been said that it is compulsory for both users (money-senders and money-takers) to have this payment feature to transact money with Whatsapp. There have been some complaints related to the difficulties in linking a bank account with this feature.

This feature has also been seen in August last year. Since the government has announced the UPI, companies like Samsung, Zomato, Google are looking forward to connecting it with their hardware, software.

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