Whatsapp’s top privacy and security features every user must be aware of!

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With over more than 25 million active users, Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging application. Currently, there are more than 400 million smartphone users in India and every other smartphone user uses this instant messaging app. Over the years, WhatsApp has improved the platform with new features such as video calling and stickers.

Of late Whatsapp has increased its focus on bettering the features every now and then and it is must for you to know about the most important security and privacy features of this popular messaging app as this popular app is equipped with end-to-end encryption, yet there is a risk of leaking of personal talk, photos and videos.

Here are some of the top privacy and security features that every WhatsApp user needs to know.

Account Report

Spam messages can be easily spread on any social media platform. WhatsApp has also become used to it in terms of spreading spam messages. In such a situation, this app also has the facility to report such user accounts. To report any user, you have to open that user’s chat. After this, tapping on his name will easily open his profile. After opening the profile and scrolling, you can report that user’s profile. If a profile has to be reported, then tap on the report profile. At the same time, if you want to report to a group, then you have to tap on the report group.


All Internet service companies have started using features like two-step-verification to keep users’ data secure. In such a situation, you can also enable two-step verification to protect your personal information on this popular instant messaging app. To enable two-step verification, WhatsApp users need to visit Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. You also have the option to enter your email address which can be used in the case you forget the six-digit PIN.

Group settings

This year, WhatsApp has rolled out this new feature. Through this feature, you can prevent yourself from adding to any group. For this, you have to tap on the three dots on the top side of the app. After this, you have to tap on Settings then Accounts first and then Privacy then Groups. Keep in mind that this feature is not currently rolled out for Android. For this you will have to wait a bit.

Account recovery

You are also aware about this that whatsapp works only on mobile numbers. In a situation, if your phone is lost, then you can recover your WhatsApp account from the new SIM to another phone. For this, you have to use the same number which is lost. If you use a new number, your old account will not be recovered. You can deactivate your old account through your email so that no one else can use your WhatsApp. For this, you have to email to WhatsApp support to deactivate your account. In the e-mail, you have to enter your mobile number with the international code that has been used for WhatsApp.

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