When was the first ever selfie taken? Robert Cornelius is the Answer!

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First of all, you should know about that what is the meaning of selfie?

Selfie was defined as “a photograph of herself/himself, someone who has taken it from her/his smartphone or webcam and posted it on any social media.

Selfie’s craze nowadays increasing rapidly. There is hardly anyone who does not take a selfie from his smartphone. This kind of craze of Selfie can also be estimated that most of the phones are being specially designed today in Selfie Camera and there is a lot of queries in the market of ‘Selfie’ phones.

But there will always be a question in your mind about what is the meaning of selfie and how it started. Who would have first taken selfies and how was the journey from beginning to end, today Technogot is going to tell you the answer to all your questions below that arise in your mind about Selfie …

– What was the first ever selfie?
– Who invented the word selfie?
– When was the first selfie stick invented?
– Who was the first to take a selfie on space?

When was the first ever selfie taken?

In the month of October or November 1839, 30-year-old Robert Cornelius placed a camera in the rear of his father’s shop in Philadelphia. Take out the lens cap and give 5 minutes in front of the frame, then put the cap again. The photo that came out after this was called the first self-portrait (Selfie in today’s language). The total number of people also believed that Robert took 3 minutes to take the first selfie. After clicking on the picture he wrote, “The first light picture ever taken”. Later Robert was known as a famous photographer.

Who invented the word selfie? (Found in 2013)

The word selfie was included in the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. Selfie was defined as “a photograph of herself/himself, someone who has taken her/his photo from own smartphone or webcam with her own hands and posted on any social media.” The word selfie was also titled World of the Year title in 2013.

Special phones designed for selfies

Phone-making companies are doing a lot of research on selfie nowadays and special cell phones are being designed. Oppo and Vivo first understood the growing selfie craze in India and introduced special camera phones in the market. It was a feature that users can enjoy photography using both front and dual cameras. Today, along with selfies, the companies are also giving facilities like beautification mode, Bokeh effect in smartphone cameras.

A selfie can lead to many diseases

In a research last year, it was reported that due to Selfie, 17 deaths were reported in the world within 18 months of which 60 percent of the figure was from India. One researcher said that selfie addiction is snatching his age from people. Some doctors say that continuous self-addiction can be the reason for ‘selfie elbow’. Complaints of pain in the nymph. In addition, Ohio State University’s research found that men who take more selfies and post, they have a higher level of self-esteem and increased apprehensions of mental illness.

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