World’s first 512GB microSD card Launched

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512GB microSD card

So far, up to 400 GB MicroSD card was available in the market, but now the SD card of 512 GB has been launched in our crazy world. Day by day technology is updating itself. High capacity MicroSD card storage technology has just got new updates.

Newly launched 512 GB microSD card has been introduced by America’s Integral. This memory card can be used in smartphones, cameras and tablets.

As you might know that 400GB of SanDisk and Samsung are available in the 256GB card market. In this case, people were hoping that these two companies will present 512 GB of the memory card in the market but it did not happen. Integral has named this card 512GB UHS-I U1.

However, this card will come to the market in the next month and the company has not yet disclosed its value. By the way, the cost of the 400GB storage of Sandisk is $ 249.99, which is around 15,889 rupees. In such a way, the cost of a 512 GB card can be close to 20 thousand rupees. In this new card, the full HD video can be transferred from 10MB /s speed.

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