Xbox One X launched: The Most Powerful Console by Microsoft, Specifications explained

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Microsoft has launched a new product in its gaming console range. The company has claimed that the technical capability & user experience of this console is more than the other consoles available in the market.

The Microsoft can release this console on November 7, 2017, worth $ 499, Find the best reasons why you should opt for this amazing gaming console.

Xbox One X for only $ 499 (Rs. 33,000 Approx.)

As per the reports, Microsoft is launching this gaming console on November 7 at a price of just $ 499. In the UK and 449 pounds (In the UK).

4K Ultra HD Gaming

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While we take a note of high definition gaming, video quality plays an important role. In 2017 4K technology is considered the most advanced technology available in the market for quality visuals. With video of 4K Ultra HD, the fun of gaming level automatically increases. With this console, you can also use Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc, which will bring your enjoyment to the extreme level.


Smallest X-Box


One particular thing about the console is that this is the smallest XBOX ever produced by Microsoft. This means that you will not need much space to keep this console.

All games compatibility

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There is a good thing in Xbox One X console, If you are using Xbox One then its games can also be played on your new console.




The best console ever launched

The Xbox One X console runs the game at 60 frames per second, which would improve the game’s visual experience. X-Box Chief Phil Spencer has considered this console “the most powerful console ever.”

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