Zomato hacked, Data of ’17 Million Users’ Stolen

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zomato hacked

Zomato admitted on Thursday that there is a big data theft in its database. Total database of the 12 million users, 1.7 million users have been stolen from the database. The company has informed that hackers have managed to get the password with the username.

By the way, the company is saying that the passwords are encrypted. But our suggestion is that if you use zomato, then change the password as soon as possible. If you use the same password on any other site, then change the password of those websites immediately. In such a situation, we would like to warn the user not to use the same password for every website. Because this is not a good idea.

The company gave information about this burglar through the blog post. The company has assured that payment data is stored at a different place. No payment information of the customer and credit card data has been stolen.

The company said that all payment information is stored in the very secure PCI data security standard vault. It is said, “We can confirm that we have not found evidence of tampered with any other system or product of Zamato.”

This is not the first time that Zomato has been targeted by hackers. In 2015, the company’s data was hacked by the White Hat hacker.

On the blog, Zamato has informed that he has reset all affected account passwords. Those users have also been logged out from the app and website. The company admitted that its internal security has been broken. Perhaps an employee’s account has been stolen, or an employee has cleared hands on all the user accounts.

Zomato hacked, Data of ’17 Million Users’ Stolen. let’s see now what will zomato do to make its database safe in upcoming days.

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